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A Small Band of Determined Citizens CAN Quickly Make a Big Change

Currently in both La Crosse and the Fox River Valley (website coming soon), we have local members that are battling the billboard blight in their communities.

Digital Billboards - Coming In Great Numbers - Soon

It's time to be prepared for an onslaught of lobbyists and executives that will soon arrive in our communities across Wisconsin. They will meet with your elected representatives and attempt to negotiate "deals"to convert your traditional billboards into digital. They will frequently attempt to rush what appear to be minor ordinance changes through the process without time for citizen input or for the the officials to start asking questions. These tactics can result in the destruction of local sign codes. Be prepared for them.

Learn about Digital Billboards by going here to our Educational Page and be sure to take action by e-mailing your representatives.

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CSW is dedicated to scenic conservation in our state. We are actively engaged in supporting legislation to control billboards. This means fighting the status quo and it is not a simple undertaking. We can use your help and if you would like a membership, please visit our membership page by clicking here.