Citizens for a Scenic Wisconsin has been steadily pursuing its unique objective, seeking to preserve natural and manmade beauty in our surroundings, the only environmental organization in the State of Wisconsin wholly dedicated to scenic beauty.

Why is this necessary? Because pleasant surroundings are good for our souls, our quality of life. And because in this day of rampant commercialism, some of our most precious vistas are being lost or visually polluted. Some intentionally by outdoor advertisers with big billboards, some inadvertently by large buildings inappropriately placed.

This year we fought legislation advanced by billboard companies that would have allowed non-conforming billboards along highways in scenic rural settings to be rebuilt and enlarged.

We encouraged the development and helped promote a bill (that unfortunately did not become law this year) that would regulate rehabilitation and re-use, thus foster preservation, of charming old Wisconsin barns for social events such as weddings.

We consulted with and encouraged the Dane County Board of Supervisors as they decided to order the removal of three giant billboards on the property of the Dane County Airport, and they fought and won a lawsuit by the billboard company. The resulting scenic improvement makes people proud to approach their airport.

We encourage the conservation of existing trees and planting of more trees, especially in our cities where we know – from recent studies – that simply being in the solitude of woods or tree-lined streets helps heal patients with diseases or mental problems, and even reduces crime.

CSW has been at this, along with our affiliate Scenic America, since our founding in the year 2000.

It takes financial support to carry on. Please contribute however much you are willing and able to, however much fits into your budget. Send your check to:

Scenic Wisconsin
7525 Oakhill Avenue
Wauwatosa WI 53213

Thank you and happy holidays.


Gary Goyke