A brand-new bill called the Billboard Reform Act has been announced in the state legislature in Madison by Representative Amanda Stuck of Appleton.

This Act calls for ending the proliferation of billboards (giant adverting signs) along highways, strict supervision and eventual removal of “non-conforming” billboards, and no more destruction of trees near billboards.

For additional information, read the articles:

  1. The Announcement of the Billboard Reform Act was made in a press conference in Appleton on July 27.

  2. The Position Statement from Citizens for a Scenic Wisconsin cites the main provisions of the bill and states the main reasons for and benefits of the Act.

  3. The Analysis of the Act by the State of Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau summaries and explains all the provisions of the Act.

Please send a message to your state Representative and state Senator and ask them to support the Act (LRB 2251) by co-signing and becoming a sponsor of the Act. To be sure who your state representative and senator are, and to get their email addresses, go to the State of Wisconsin website legis.wisconsin.gov and follow the prompts. The deadline for co-sponsoring is August 15, so you need to act now.

August 4, 2019