Digital billboards are energy hogs                             

Digital billboards consume a lot of electrical power which causes large amounts of carbon emissions. Look at these graphic depictions in this report the US Green Building Council.

Correction to the Report: Change Carbon Consumption to Energy Consumption in the first depiction and to Carbon Emissions in the rest.    

Digital messages contribute to highway accidents           

Research shows that digital traffic messages contribute to highway accidents and death. Read this authoritative report from Science magazine 22 Apr 2022.                                                  

Cities fight super-bright digital billboards                               

Communities across the country are increasingly in opposition to digital billboards: giant glaring changeable message roadside signs that scream for attention.  USA Today Jan 31, 2013

Digital Billboards Waste Energy                                        

Digital billboards consume lots of energy – up to 30 times the energy that an average home uses. Do digital billboards waste energy? NYT Dec 20, 2010

Digital billboards – Background  

The biggest threat to America’s communities and highways is the proliferation of digital bill-boards with their constantly changing messages.
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